LoL Championship Thresh Skin Code Giveaway!

Spawnd had the honor of being able to cover one of the biggest eSports events of the year for the League of Legends World Finals at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif. and we brought back some Championship Tresh skin codes for our readers to enjoy!

Just like our previous giveaway, you can have multiple entries! Just think of the points as raffle tickets you get. The more points, the more chances for you to get picked. You can retweet about the giveaway once a day which will earn you two more points, meaning even more chances at the prize. At the end of the giveaway, we will pick 3 winners at random and email them within 24 hours.

NA only! These were discussed in the terms and conditions previously so I’ll make it known here because lets be real for a second, no one reads that long thing anyway.

Good luck!

Starts Sun. Oct. 06 and ends Wed. Oct. 9 at 12p.m PST.

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  • Gaston Bichinque

    how i now if i win?

    • Damian Estrada

      Email is your friend!

      • Gaston Bichinque

        i think that i have wined lol

        • Grace Lim

          If you get picked you do! You’ll find out Wednesday!

  • Lucassanpedro

    Code Plz code

    • Grace Lim

      Winners will be announced Wednesday afternoon PST (: Good luck to you!

  • nestor oro

    I have 4/4 how i now if i win the code ?

    • Damian Estrada

      We will email you with your given email if you happen to be the winner!

      • nestor oro

        ty vm!

  • Andres Guerrero

    code plz

    • Grace Lim

      Winners will be announced Wednesday! Good luck!

  • Julio Alfonso Cedano Castillo

    Code :D

  • Gaston Bichinque

    Code pls :D

  • Markus6987

    code .x

  • Emilcar Jose Catari Lobaton

    i got 4/4 c: i play on LAN i hope to win the skin :D

  • paolo castillo

    code pls :D

    • paolo castillo

      thank you for the event :D

  • Julián Roqué Gatti

    code plz plz plz =)

  • MinMaxGirl

    I wish :3

  • Raihisen

    Please TT^TT i want it

  • Xav0k


    • grayslim

      I’d recommend being nice to homeless people regardless of the skin! Better luck next time.

  • ZERO

    code T.T

  • Alexxx

    Code pls((

  • Juan


  • Максим Шашлык


  • Тимур Алибаев

    hi can you give skin code for trash beforehand thank you!

    • grayslim

      That’s not how a giveaway works! Better luck next time.

  • Andrey Aleko

    tresh is my main may i have this skin?)

    • grayslim

      Sorry! The giveaway has ended!

  • yasin

    code plseaseeeeee

  • Timmy

    Hey am I able to try using the codes given on my server OCE? thanks very much:)

  • Panxho Azul Arenas

    Code Pliz, Server Las, Thanks :)

  • Kid

    give me i kid

  • Alejandro Perez

    Code Pliz, Server LAN, Thanks :)

  • sang e babo

    code please ~♥

  • wes

    code plz

  • weatherfish

    code plz plz plz ♡

  • leopard

    code please….

  • Guest

    code pleaseeeeee

  • Lee su hyeon

    code please, serve korea

  • jh k

    code plz,,,,^^;;

  • Anonymous

    CODE.. CODE..!!

  • Pasha)

    Please Grace, give skin code for trash=) thanks very much:)

  • Osman Kahraman

    hi ı need CS thresh code please

  • Fülöp Alexander

    code Pls *.*

  • mastoura24

    code please