Microsoft Conference Review // E3 2013


Going into E3 Microsoft clearly stated that this time “it’s all about the games.”
For a company with a hardware release coming Fall, you could expect that to be hyperbole… Nope…

Their console talk lasted only moments and was book ended with Metal Gear Solid V, and an onslaught of impressive looking games. It may actually be difficult for the internet to complain about this show (though I’m sure they’ll find a way). Firstly they showed the new Xbox 360 model available as of today, which as rumored, is much smaller and fits aesthetically into the One’s design. This has been expected by most in games journalism, and is most likely Microsoft’s answer to backwards compatibility. Following this announcement Microsoft quickly discussed their plans to follow Playstations idea of giving free games to premium users; starting with the newest and hottest games on the market like Halo 3, and Assassins Creed II (See, I told you the internet would find a way to complain).

As for the meat of the show, a variety of games were shown; very few of which were the vague vertical slices famous at e3. Vertical slices were kept to a minimal, the only extreme cases being Ryse and DeadRising 3. A top of the obvious games-to-be-shown (Forza 5 and Halo 5) many surprising announcements were made; including Battlefield 4 and Halo 5 running at 60 fps on Xbox One, A November release for $499 (america), World Of Tanks coming to the 360, and Insomniac making an Xbox One exclusive, Sunset Overdrive. Speaking of which, my personal favorite moments were the trailers for Sunset OverdriveDark Souls 2, and The Witcher 3, as well as the very impressive closing demo for Respawn’s (creators of Call of Duty 4) first game Titanfall. Titanfall is a first person shooter unsurprisingly similar in gameplay to early Call of Duty, with the exception of a fluid world traversal system and (more notably) giant *ss mechs.

More news will be coming as the day progresses, check back any time today for updated articles as well as new thoughts and news from our team on the scene at e3.

  • Peter

    Am i the only one who is not impress? Even the trailer of mgs was not good i hope to one for the ps4 Will be better ans not rush